3D Jazz from the front row : Part 1 of 2 – Recording 3D audio

This is a joint blog post done with my workmate Alex Drane.

The aim of this recording was to collect audio as part of our Audio Production masters module ‘Research in Emerging Technologies’.

We wanted to research 3D audio with our own content using subjective listening tests where participants listen for several different attributes of audio quality, from audio recorded using a Soundfield ST450 microphone in B-format. This is a microphone specifically designed for location recording and lends itself well to post production [soundfield, 2014]


We wanted the audio to be recorded and played back from the perspective of an audience member. In this case, the front row of a jazz club. So that’s exactly where we placed the microphone, right on the front row. Something we hadn’t considered in advance were the front of house speakers and how they might effect the authenticity of the audio in terms of sound placement, but on further reflection, we realised this wouldn’t bear too much weight as this is all part of the listener’s experience at any live gig or performance.

Having never used the Soundfield ST450 mic, there was a certain amount of trial and error with the exact position and height of its location and gain settings to apply.

The layout of the stage was:

                               Bass Guitar + Amp

                         Piano                                                                                          Drums

Soundfield Microphone

psilt milk

Head over to Alex’s blog where you can read about how this 3D recording was converted to a headphone mix using ProTools, in part two of this post.


[soundfield, 2014] – TSL soundfield microphone, http://www.hhb.co.uk/product_detail.php?id=1743


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